Both of these thermal binding machines are top-quality

محل تبلیغات شما محل تبلیغات شما

dust goggle If you need a thermal binding machine for your office, there are a couple of machines made by Fellowes that you should really check out. They have two machines on the market: the TB250 and the TB450. Both of these machines are great units, but which one should you get? This article will discuss what each machine can do so you can choose the right thermal binding machine for your office.The Fellowes TB250 was designed for medium-duty use both at home and at work. This is a very fast machine that can bind a 300-page document in under a minute. That means that with the TB250 you will be able to produce a lot of books quickly.

The machine warms up in less than three minutes and a green light is illuminated when the machine is ready to be used. Once the light goes on, all you need to do is insert your pages into the machine's throat and the machine will go to work for you and even let you know when it's done by emitting a beep. The TB250 also has an automatic shut-off to prevent the machine from overheating when it's not being used. There's also a cooling rack at the back of the machine. The TB250 retails for just under $100.00 and it's a pretty impressive, albeit basic, machine. It even comes with a binding starter pack that has everything you need to bind your first few documents.The Fellowes TB450 is a step up from the TB250 and is available for an additional $100.00.

This is a high-capacity binding machine that can stand up to regular use in an office environment. The TB450 has an incredible binding capacity of 700 sheets and there are three preset binding cycles that allow you to bind documents with different spine widths, as well as hardcover books. (The TB250 lacks the selection of binding cycles.) Like the TB250, this machine heats up in less than three minutes and has a green light and audible beep to let you know both when the machine is ready and when your document's been bound. There's even a magnifier included to help you easily select the right spine width and heat cycle. Fellowes has also included a binding starter pack with this machine so you can learn to use the machine without spending a lot of money on supplies.

plasma torch Manufacturers Both of these thermal binding machines are top-quality and they bare the same great craftsmanship that's found in all of Fellowes' products. However, if you're going to be purchasing one, the TB450 is definitely the one to get. Although it's more expensive, it has many more features than the TB250, such as the preset binding cycles. And while you might never have to bind a document that's 700 pages long, having the option to do so is always a nice feature to have. (After all, if you got the cheaper machine and then suddenly needed to bind a 700-page item, you'd have to purchase a whole new machine.) So get the best and get the Fellowes TB450 thermal binding machine!



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محل تبلیغات شما
محل تبلیغات شما

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